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Quirky Writers

How do you add quirks to your character? I personally tend toward dark stories so I like my quirks to add a bit of joyful distraction without overwhelming. It's the funny little details that stay

with you. If you're not sure that's true, lets explore a few in pop culture. See how many characters or stories you recognized below (movies and books - answers next week)

  1. Thinks that Fava Beans and a nice chianti are great finishers to his favorite meal

  2. Loves snacking from his car-roof mounted red liquorish dispenser

  3. Will tell you anything over a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue

  4. Hunts with a bow and arrow

  5. Named after a famous Flemish Painter

  6. Two brothers that are always eating

  7. Never gets to eat a tasty jelly bean

Many of these stories would be essentially the same if you took out these quirks, but would they be as good? Would you remember them?

It's the unusual, singular choices that make a story stick and your judicious use of these details will make your characters stick with your readers.

What are your favorite character quirks? Let us know in the comments below!

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