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We will use this page to share articles, books, apps, software, and more as we delve into the advice and tools of the craft.

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Writer's Tool

I have been using this tool for a few days so I would welcome more feedback from others. After trying it on a couple of manuscripts, I plan using again once I have at least two things done.

  1. A complete first draft manuscript

  2. A developmental edit that ensures the contents are generally there and in the right order the story makes sense and is cohesive. (I expect this step to include the developmental edit, the bit cut edit and additions required to fill in the gaps after the bit cut.)

The editing observations are broad, and focused on true editing of a developed story. I'm excited to use it once I'm ready.

The free tool is pretty basic but gives you a sense of what the full tool can do. And, to get started they offered me a $1 promotion from two weeks of the professional product. After that it's $30 a month.

I have no affiliation with this product. More to come as I use it more!

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By Sue Grafton... Reading in Process

  • Key Points... Coming Soon

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