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When Excitement Becomes Fear

I have been working on the first draft of a book for some time, and as some of you know it's been an exciting time to be done with that...

Inspiration Engines

So I'm experiencing the mind / body connection in a new way. When I am using my whole body in an activity, I get ideas. Really good ones....

Why can't I write?

Okay, the coffee is perfect, the lighting perfect, the location perfect, the computer perfect, the bird noises outside my window and...

Checking in with my Inner Writer

So I'm on that long journey from first draft through editing and it will take a while - especially since it's my first time. I am still...

Long Haul Editing

Getting a behemoth like a novel manuscript ready for 'beta readers' - think of them as beta testers of your product - is a daunting...

Quirky Writers

How do you add quirks to your character? I personally tend toward dark stories so I like my quirks to add a bit of joyful distraction...

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